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My experience at SAC Advanced Homeopathic Center was a wonderful one. Else I would not be holding my baby boy right now, who was born in January. SAC was the answer to me and my husband’s prayers after trying to conceive for nearly three years. With a series of treatment given by Dr. Saeed, I was finally conceived and delivered my very first child. The staff there was very friendly and helpful. Never once did they make me or my husband feel uncomfortable. Our gratitudes to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Center. Love from Lee family.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee

My husband and I were extremely blessed to find SAC Advanced Homeopathic Center, which my friend recommended since she had a fantastic experience there. I walked into the clinic in July and found out I was pregnant 3 months later. I could not believe it. Prior to coming to SAC, I was at another fertility clinic I went to for my primary infertility issues for months and felt like I never knew what was going on. Dr. Saeed was very good at walking us step by step through our plan to achieve a successful pregnancy. I have no words to describe this place. It just works. Million thanks to SAC!

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas

My first pregnancy was almost 11 years ago. At the time, my husband and I decided to wait a few more years to have our second child. We planned to start by the time our first daughter turned three, but life doesn’t always go according to plan. As time passed and nothing was happening, we decided to seek for medical assistance at SAC Advanced Homeopathic Center. After a series of treatment, I was finally conceived and safely delivered a baby boy in 2013! We were over the moon! 3 years later, we went to Dr. Saeed again with a hope to give my 2 children another sibling. We did it again and 3rd baby was born! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated the detailed, concise, and clear instructions by Dr. Saeed. SAC Advanced Homeopathic Center gave me and my husband the hope we needed – 2 magical pregnancy experiences. Keep up the good job! Can’t thank you enough.

Sofia Ibrahim & Mohd. Zaid

8 years ago, I was diagnosed high cholesterol 230 mg/dL. After searched online and I found SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center. Along with a change in lifestyle and homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr. Saeed, my cholesterol level is now 190 mg/dL. Thank you SAC!

Michael Yew

I had been experiencing some pain, tingling and numbness on left arm and other conditions were ruled out. My blood pressure was 160/90 mm of Hg for which I was advised anti-hypertensive medications. So I went to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center for my raised blood pressure. My other complaints were backache which aggravated at night during sleep, breathlessness and sensation of nose being blocked. I was unable to breathe properly. I was a very health-conscious person and ensured daily exercises and a good diet for my health. I was worried about my high blood pressure despite the healthy lifestyle. After diagnosed by Dr. Saeed, I was prescribed Kali Carb and Rauwolfia for 2 weeks. After 15 days I felt that all my health issues had improved significantly. My blood pressure was 140/86 mm of Hg. I was advised to continue medicines for another 3-4 months. After almost 4 months, my blood pressure had come back to normal, that is, 120/80 mm of Hg. My doses were tapered eventually and after a year his blood pressure remained normal. Many thanks to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center.

Victor Ravi

I was 20 years old and bought to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center by my mom, seeking medication for Diabetes. At the time of consultation, I had fasting blood sugar level of 269mgs/dl and postprandial sugar as 318mgs/dl. Urine sugar was +4. I was on insulin 40 units per day. In spite of all the medications my blood sugar levels were not in control. After met dr. Saeed, I was prescribed Medorrhinum 30. My first follow up was after 4 weeks, I felt much better and blood sugar levels were relatively lower and under control. Over the period of next few weeks, my blood sugar was under control and insulin dose was reduced under supervision. There were no episodes of exacerbation of blood sugar levels. I am feeling much better after Dr. Saeed’s medication. My health in general has improved and my blood sugar levels are in control. I regret not starting Homeopathic medicines earlier for diabetes. Thank you, Dr. Saeed for your care and advices.

Nadia Amin

I had been suffering from alopecia areata (hair loss in patches) for more than 8-10 years. I first tried conventional medicine which involved having injections all over my head which used to cause enormous pain and heavy bleeding. I was also given tablets that were so strong they used to leave me feeling weak and tired. 8 months ago, I was recommended to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center. Today, my problem has been 90% solved and there has been no recurrence. The homeopathic medicine is easy and painless to take with no side-effects. I really thank SAC for treating me so effectively.  After my experience, I have recommended Dr Batra’s to four more of my friends who have hair problems.

Mohd. Faiz

My twins Adam and Ahmed continually suffered from runny nose and throat pain that used to progress to severe infection. They were constantly on antibiotic treatment. As the frequency started to increase, the ENT doctor advised surgery for both, an adenoidectomy for one child and tonsillectomy for the other. Instead we came to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center and started our children on homeopathic treatment. Today, the frequency and severity of their problem has considerably reduced. In fact, for the last five months, they have not needed any antibiotics at all. Thank you!

Jacklyn Mark 

I started treatment at SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center for knee pain and joint pains, which was really bad I had taken all possible treatments before no doctor managed to help, until I saw an advertisement of SAC and started my treatment 1 year ago. Discovered a big change in my pain within 2 months only. I am now over the moon. Thank you so much.

Hannah Haris

My son was suffering from Atopic dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis since he was 2 years of age. His skin condition over a period of time had become worse and we did not know what to do and were very much worried. I could not understand what was the cause. I then went to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center explained about my son’s skin condition and then started his treatment. I was very much relaxed and peace within myself after his consultation. To my surprise with 3 months of the treatment his skin and respiratory complaints were much better. Thanks to Dr. Saeed for taking great care and for being very kind. He is really a good and caring doctor. Keep it up.

Joyce Lim

I had been suffering from multiple warts on my feet and finger tips and palms from last 2 years. The problem had taken toll on my personal and social life as I couldn’t move around. I had been mentally stressed. I tried visiting various doctors and skin specialists for treatment. As a last resort I had a surgical laser removal. But the warts started to grow again. Then my father suggested to try homeopathy, because he had read about the homeopathy had cure for most of the diseases and it builds the body to fight on its own. So I came to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center. After 6 months of treatment, I was completely cured from warts. I first thank my father for recommended homeopath and also my doctor who helped me out. Now I can go out with friends and also enjoy my social life. I have regained my lost confidence. Thanks to SAC and their treatment really works!

Peter Ravi

I accompanied my friend to SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center for women health issues 2 years ago. After witnessed how my friend recovered, I then seek for treatments for asthma and allergies as well. My treatment has been going on for 2 years now, so much of visible improvement. My allergies and asthma which would continue all year round earlier are now just seasonal; additionally the severity has reduced drastically. I am being treated by Dr Saeed Ahmed and is very concerned about the welfare of his patients and the care and concern shown is very genuine and not as if it’s just his job. The clinic is well maintained and the staffs are also very helpful and caring. Thanks a lot for everything and keep up the good work.

Siti Khadijah

When I visited SAC Advanced Homeopathic Medical Center, I had two handkerchiefs wet due to my cold and thereafter the journey towards betterment started. I found the medicine to be very useful and its regular usage minimised the frequent infections a lot. I am satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Saeed and the staffs are very helpful too. Thank you.

Yong Zi Fei

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